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Engagement Photos: Kaitlyn & Drew

After what seemed like a long hiatus away from my camera, I recently got the opportunity to meet Kaitlyn and Drew, a fun couple with a passion for the outdoors. We met in Rocky River on a late Saturday morning to shoot some photos while exploring the Rocky River Reservation—a beautiful park with no shortage of scenic [...]

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Engagement Photos: Alyssa & Tim

I had the great pleasure of photographing the lovely Alyssa and her fiancé Tim this past Saturday in the beautiful Schoepfle Garden in Birmingham, OH. Because it was a little late in the season, we missed most of the gorgeous flowers that are in bloom throughout spring and early summer, but we still managed to find some great photo spots as we toured the gardens.

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Engagement Photos: Robin & Jake

Last weekend I had the opportunity to meet Robin and Jake in Sheffield, Ohio for an outdoor winter engagement shoot. Since we began planning the shoot, Robin had her heart set on getting their pictures taken in the snow, so we just had to make it happen. Despite it being just eleven degrees last Sunday, the snow fall was perfect so we took the opportunity and absolutely made the most of it!

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Engagement Photos: Mindy & Dave

This weekend I braved the extra cold temperatures to snap some engagement photos of Mindy and Dave in their small town of Wellington, Ohio. Our chilly adventure began in a friend of the couple’s barn, where we were glad to find a little shelter from the wind and snow. As soon as the snow let up a bit, we headed outside to take a few more photos.

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