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Event Photos: Cleveland Sea of Blue Rally

In response to recent events including protests in Cleveland and the murder of two NYC police officers, the Sea of Blue Rally was organized to show support for men and women of law enforcement. After covering the #Ferguson2CLE protest last weekend, I felt compelled to take some photos at this rally as well.

December 28th, 2014|Event Photography|0 Comments

Event Photos: December 21, 2014 Downtown Cleveland Protests

Given the recent events in Ferguson and Cleveland, after hearing of a developing protest in the downtown area today, I had to get out there with my camera. It was literally happening at my doorstep, and I felt it was equal parts civil duty and a unique opportunity—something that I shouldn’t pass up.

December 22nd, 2014|Event Photography|0 Comments

Event Photos: 2014 Cleveland Air Show

The Cleveland Air Show is something that I look forward to every year, especially the years that the Blue Angels are in town. Luckily, I had the entire weekend open this year, so I was able to watch them over all three days. Unfortunately, I don’t have a nice 200mm lens (or longer) at my disposal, so I had to make due with my good ole’ 85mm.

September 1st, 2014|Event Photography|0 Comments

Event Photos: 2014 Burning River Fest

This past Friday at the Burning River Fest was the perfect night for live music, delicious food, fun entertainment, and fresh beer from one of Cleveland’s favorite local breweries. Guests enjoyed the fall-like temperatures at Whiskey Island as they explored three music stages, sampled some tasty Cleveland food truck fare, and sipped freshly brewed Great Lakes Christmas Ale.

July 29th, 2014|Event Photography|0 Comments

Event Photos: 2013 Cleveland Wine Festival

The 2013 Cleveland Wine Festival took place this past Friday and Saturday at the gorgeous Voinovich Park in downtown Cleveland. Guests enjoyed an amazing view of the city and the lake, beautiful weather, an outstanding selection of wines, and a variety of entertainment.

June 17th, 2013|Event Photography|0 Comments